About trickbox media

My name is David Tricker and I have worked in the web industry since 2001. In 2006 I set up as my freelance trading name. I have just returned to my base in Bristol, UK after spending the years 2011-12 in Berlin, Germany.

My degree in Photography, Film and Video production has enabled me to work successfully in several industries, firstly in the film and video industry for Halogen Productions Ltd and then as a freelance photographer, working for fashion magazines, brochures and catalogues.

It was my background in photography and interest in computers that enabled me to join Skyrock Communications Ltd in 2001 hoping to gain a couple of weeks work experience creating banners for BMW's dealer network. I left five years later as head of front-end development. Website clients included BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce, Alfa Romeo, Honda and Lexus. When not working on automotive sites, there was the distraction of Robbie Williams, Zoggs, George Wimpey and Speedo, to name but a few.

In 2006, I decided to go freelance and have worked constantly since then, for both private clients and as a sub-contractor. My clients include Yucca Media, GGMR, EMO Digital and the Institute of Physics. I am heavily involved in all aspects of web development from coding to design and user-interface (UI) development. While this remains the focus of my work I have also branched out as a consultant offering advice and providing web strategies for companies and institutions without a digital media background. I can act as an intermediary between client and third party web companies, providing possibilities and solutions for each.

I have also continued my photographic work, creating images for Sybaris Chauffeurs, Goodchild Interiors and Manja Klemenčič and others.

Westcountry Blinds

Westcountry Blinds (2014 - )

I developed not only the site, but also the logo design, including t-shirts, vans, the factory and business cards and stationery.Visit Westcountry Blinds

The Cornish Builder

The Cornish Builder (2014 - )

Another one page site design that gives small businesses the web impact without having to manage a multipage site.Visit The Cornish Builder

The Brand Train

Brand Train (2014 - )

The Brand Train work with their clients to create and build their brand, give them a strong identity and help position them in the marketplace.Visit The Brand Train

The Beach Restaurant

The Beach Restaurant (2007 - )

The new site showcases for local produce and sustainability, and was designed with PHP and has a MySQL driven Content Management System to allow the owners control over every aspect of the site. This is the third iteration of the site. Visit The Beach Restaurant

Sarah & Finns

Sarah & Finn's (2014 - )

I was tasked with designing the packaging labels and business cards for this Cornish preserve maker and from that the site developed. A new site is coming soon. Visit Sarah & Finn's

Pamona Garden Design

Pamona Garden Design (2014 - )

This local gardener wanted a high impact site for his new start-up and went for a one page design that delivered. Visit Pamona Garden Design

Goodchild Interiors

Goodchild Interiors (2004 - )

This is the fourth design and build for the successful interior design duo of Paul Goodchild and Gill Richardson. This site makes the most of their high quality imagery and the latest HTML5 technology. Visit Goodchild Interiors

Dan Shannon

Dan Shannon (2013 - )

Dan Shannon is a Cornish artist whose work reflects his life as a fisherman and volunteer lifeboat man. The site is a showcase for his distinctive work with links to the galleries where he is currently exhibiting. Visit Dan Shannon

The Coventry Film Festival

Coventry Film Festival (2013 - )

The Coventry Film Festival was established in 2013 to showcase local film making talent in and around the Coventry Area. The site was initially a portal to allow film-makers to register and submit their films for consideration and then became the public facing information site, detailing venues and show-times. Visit Coventry Film festival

Victoria Square Clifton

Victoria Square Clifton (2013 - )

This site was developed for the residents of this beautiful Bristol square to promote their annual "Party in the Park".Visit Victoria Square Clifton

stonemasons of dorset

Stonemasons of Dorset (2013 - )

Stonemasons of Dorset specialise in cleaning, restoration and stone carving in the South of England. They needed to update the information on the site and a redesign reflected the quality of the work they undertake. Visit Stonemasons of Dorset

blisland cottage

Blisland Cottage (2013 - )

Blisland cottage is a 17th Century cottage ideally situated on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Although the cottage was available on a holiday letting site, the owner wanted a more sophisticated site to cater to their target market. Visit Blisland Cottage

fitZar (2012 - )

fitZar is an online calendar and payment service aimed at personal trainers and other fitness industry professionals. I was responsible for the design and user interface, while handled the database and back end. Visit fitZar


Vado-res, Düsseldorf, Germany (2012 - )

A first point of contact for this global regulatory affairs and medical communications company. Visit Vado-res

Manja Klemencic

Manja Klemenčič Cambridge, Mass(2012 - )

This internationally renowned academic needed a site which she could maintain independent of the many institutes with which she is associated. Visit Manja Klemenčič

Nematode Biology

Nematode Biology - University of Bristol (2011 - )

This is built to the exacting code requirements of Bristol University. An example of a totally accessible site which is also well designed. Visit Nematode Biology

Kim Fabio Studios

Kim Fabio Studios (2011 - )

Internationally renowned shoe design Kim Fabio wanted a site that was fun yet professional. The site was built with a bespoke CMS which was both simple and easy to use. Visit Kim Fabio Studios

The Beach Restaurant

The Beach Restaurant (2007 - )

Situated near Lands End in Cornwall, The Beach Restaurant offers fine dining with stunning coastal views. The site is a showcase for local produce, and was designed with PHP and has a MySQL driven Content Management System to allow the owners control over every aspect of the site. Visit The Beach Restaurant

Embers Bristol

Embers Bristol (2010 - )

An e-commerce site built on the open source Zen-Cart system, this site was designed to reflect the ethos of this newly opened Bristol Store. Visit Embers Bristol

Goodchild Interiors

Goodchild Interiors (2004 - )

This is the third design for the successful interior design duo of Paul Goodchild and Gill Richardson. In an industry where design needs to be at the forefront, their site needs to be regularly refreshed to maintain a competitive advantage. Visit Goodchild Interiors

21 CBS

21 CBS (2011 - )

This local building contractor realised that a web presence was vital to the continued success of their business. A bespoke PHP/MySQL CMS, made the site easy to use and for the client to maintain. Visit 21CBS

Bristol Airport Cars

Bristol Airport Cars (2008 - )

This site has a database of nearly 3000 locations to provide customers with an easy-to-use quotes systems. Bookings can be made online, giving the owners complete control of their business schedule. Visit Bristol Airport Cars

Tara Harland Viney

Tara Harland Viney (2010 - )

This site was designed to showcase the painting/photography and film projects of a talented artist. The minimal design acts as the perfect backdrop to the varied work. Visit Tara Harland Viney

Aston Mae

Aston Mae (2009 - 2011)

This site was designed by a company called Denetica and I was asked to build several projects for them.


Breastflow (2006 - 2010)

I built this site while working freelance for Yucca Media. The site although deceptively simple was built to the company's high SEO requirements. Visit Breastflow

Cotham Chiropractic Clinics

Cotham Chiropractic Clinic (2009 - 2011)

This was the second location for Bristol based chiropractor Douglas Ingrams and the site had to incorporate two sites each with a common but distinct design style. Visit Cotham Chiropractic Clinic

Coastal Treasure

Coastal Treasure (2006 - 2009)

This site was a EU funded project highlighting the coastal highlights of the UK. The site was built in English and French.

Cobbles Cottage Polperro

Cobbles Cottage Polperro (2009 - )

Working with a local photographer, this site was designed to promote this picturesque cottage in one of the most beautiful Cornish locations. Visit Cobbles Cottage Polperro

Fleming Laing

Fleming Laing (2009 - 2011)

Another in a series of financial services sites designed by Denetica and built by Trickbox Media.

Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association

Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association (2008 - 2012)

When I was asked to work for this charity I jumped at the chance. The organisation had their own technical team and my task was to design a new site and template the main pages in CSS for them to implement into their existing CMS system. Visit GAHLA

Von Essen Consulting

Von Essen Consulting (2007 - 2011)

The final site with Denetica in the financial services series.